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Speckless Maids Home Cleaning Service

Best Affordable and Complete Maid Cleaning Services in XYZ, Michigan

Best Affordable and Complete Maid Cleaning Services in XYZ, Michigan

Speckless Maids - Best Affordable and Complete Maid Cleaning Services in XYZ, Michigan

With over 10+ years of verifiable experience, 100’s of satisfied past and current customers, a *near spotless* record on quality control, and being registered, licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and our cleaners, Speckless Maids is…

…One Of A Kind, Giving You Peace Of Mind.

We live by the golden rule:

We treat YOUR home the way we wish OURS to be treated.

Our staff are PASSIONATE about the work they do daily in service to you and others in the community. We treat our customers like family, because you ARE family. Without you, there is no “us”.

And we thank you for visiting our website and contacting us today for your free consultation to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Special Domestic and Local Crew Cleaning Services

We use natural, specific cleaning products for each surface such as Granite, Stainless Steel, Wood Floor, Wood Cabinets, Carpet, Glass, Bathroom, and upholstery.

Below are services we offer:

Speckless Maids Home Cleaning

House Cleaning Services

Can you put a price on the extra quality time you’ll gain to spend with your children taking them to the local park, or reading them a book to sleep? How about that time spent with your spouse?

Our professional house cleaner business can tailor services accommodating your needs and budget.

Speckless Maids Cleaned Apartment

Apartment, Condo and Flat Cleaning Services

Our apartment, condo and flat cleaners are here to give you – the busy professional, caretaker, mother or father – peace of mind knowing your space is meticulously cleaned on a regular basis. One of the main benefits is it gives your apartment an easier “end of lease” process and full return of security deposit.
speckless maid window washing

Window Washing Services

Clean windows reflect how well your home is cared for. Beautiful, clean windows allow the sun to naturally illuminate your home and give you and guest a better view of your neighborhood surroundings. But as you know, keeping them clean is hardly sunshine and roses.

Our professionals use streak-free shine to remove fingerprints, dust and grime that builds up on glass overtime.

Speckless Maids Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services

Ever walked into someone’s kitchen for a drink of water, took one look at the oven over-populated with grease stains, grime and other food stuffs, and been ASKED to “stick around for dinner” only to politely decline because you’d “already ate”?

Don’t let THAT person be YOU! Speckless Maids prepares your oven so it looks fit to prepare food for family and guests.

Speckless Maids Cleaning Refrigerator

Refrigerator Cleaning Services

The VERY last thing you want to happen is for family, friends, or worst, someone your dating to smell spoiled milk and mold pieces of fruits, veggies and meat lodged everywhere. It’ll kill romantic interest FAST!

Though this is not a standard service, we’re happy to offer it additionally where needed.

Speckless Maids Cleaned Apartment

Office and Corporate Cleaning Services

In today’s economy, business owners are cutting costs in an effort to save money and spare every expense. Some go so far as cleaning their own office. What they fail to realize is the valuable time spent cleaning could have been used closing the next deal to keep those same office doors open. Our office cleaners will keep you focused on things that matter most in your business.

Our Detailed Routine Cleaning Frequency Plan

No one home is alike. That’s why we offer customized cleaning plans to suit your particular needs, preferences and budget.

In addition to our ‘one-time’ cleaning services, we also offer monthly, bi-weekly and weekly services for your convenience, too.

Because we offer a range of services and customizable cleaning plans and frequencies, prices vary.

Please contact us for more information.

We Are The Lean, Mean, Green, Dust, Bacteria and Mold Fighting Machine!

Did you know…

…according to the center for disease control, in the United States alone, nearly 1 billion (that’s BILLION with a capital “B”) colds are reported annually?

That’s lot of runny noses.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recommend eating a balanced diet, exercise, hand washing, and lastly…

...home cleaning.

THAT’S where WE come in.

Aside from bacteria reduction, Speckless Maids cleaners reduces common allergens like dust, mold and other respiratory irritants.

Using 100% natural products such as Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and Method gives you the peace of mind that your home will be safe and protected.

Speckless Maids Superhero
Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed ***Get House Cleaning Service***

We want you to feel you got the most value for your investment in our services, and because providing premium customer service is our number #1 aim it’s important you’re satisfied with the work our cleaners did to your home or office space.

Did we miss a spot? Was there a streak in a window? Is a ceiling fan dusty? No problem. We’ll make it right for you so you don’t have to. Just give us a call and let us know and we’ll send one of our best to remedy the situation to your liking.

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire Speckless Maids

1) Speckless Maids is reliable, consistent and affordable

2) We CARE about your health using
tested and proven green cleaning products

3) We PRIDE ourselves in offering the
best customer service


4) We screen, train and certify EVERY
maid cleaner before they step onto your property.


5) Speckless Maids has a standard
procedure we follow with every cleaning so you get the same awesome results
every time.

6) We adjust our services according to
your unique specific NEEDS.


7) We COMPLY with federal, state, local
labor and tax laws along with adequate insurance to further protect your
interest and give you peace of mind.

8) We supply our maid cleaners with
equipment and supplies so they're always coming prepared to the job.

With so many benefits clearly laid out, what reason is there *not* to hire us? The writings on the wall. Our mission is to help give YOU more QUALITY TIME. You can’t put a price on that.
“My place was a TOTAL mess and mere the thought of getting it cleaned in time for the holidays before came flying in for the holidays made me a nervous wreck. I was *this* close from canceling until a buddy of mine recommended Speckless Maids based on his personal experience. Out of desperation, I gave them a call and within 24hrs they had a crew come in and rehab the entire place. My family had a great time and think I’m the world’s best housekeeper. They’re looking forward to more years!” Duane T.

“My office looks stunning every week! Speckless Maids is a superb and classy company through and through. I trust these ladies to not only do a professional job but to respect my privacy, possessions and valuables. A+ in my book.” Keith R.

“Thought you should know that your cleaners did a stand-up job cleaning my apartment today! I was SO impressed with their efficiency and desire to go above and beyond the call-of-duty to make sure my home was dirt-free! Can I have them on rotation once-a-month? Thanks!” Vernel J.

What are you waiting for,

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